Special Bending

The Italy's leading company in special bending

Thanks to the bending technology patented by us, we are able to obtain special bendings on every types of metal profiles guaranteeing the highest degree of reliability.


Twisting is the most innovative shaping procedure which can be performed on an aluminium profile. Its specifically developed, optimised technology enables Punto Curvatura to twist posts with section up to 400×50 mm, lengths up to 9 metres, and infinite spirals. Alongside its innovation in the deformation phase, Punto Curvatura has also expanded its development in terms of machining. Thanks to the introduction of a fully customised 5-axis cutting centre, we are able to cut finished products to tolerances of tenths of a millimetre.
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Three-dimensional process

In three-dimensional processing of aluminium, stainless steel, brass or iron profiles, the profile is first twisted and then bent. It is a very complex process that only a highly skilled staff with high-tech equipment are able to achieve.

Stainless Steel/Bronze

Our technology also enables us to bend materials such as bronze and stainless steel, with characteristics and behaviours very different from those of aluminium, without difficulty.

Bending of profiles with sublimation coatings

Technological innovation in the decorative surface coatings sector has opened out new commercial perspectives in the world of aluminium. In fact, a wide variety of effects can be reproduced on profiles, from wood-look with different colours and vein patterns through to the marble effect. Thanks to its patent, Punto Curvatura is able to bend any type of profile pre-coated/sublimation coated profile without damaging the surface look. In a large number of projects, from ship handrails to the ceilings of large halls, the Punto Curvatura technology has proved its status as the most empathetic to customers’ needs in the industry.

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