Punto Curvatura

Punto Curvatura was founded in the late 1990s as a small workshop bending aluminium profiles only.


Thanks to the help and loyalty of international customers, from a small workshop Punto Curvatura expanded to occupy its new site near Brescia in northern Italy in the early 2000s. The new, more efficient facility is currently 15,000 m2 in area, and incorporates new, customised bending systems, computerised 5-axis cutting centres and heat treatment furnaces. Our highly qualified and skilled technical staff have enabled us to win new, ever-bigger orders, reaching beyond the world of aluminium itself.


Nowadays, the product sectors in which Punto Curvatura supports the biggest producers range from leading-edge architecture to tensile structures, handling/sorting systems, the automotive industry, large industrial refrigeration systems through to the shipbuilding and railway industries.

Our dynamic organisation, agile internal communications and continuous investments in research and development are fundamental in enabling us to meet customers’ needs and deadlines and deliver a full service at the highest technical level.
Our values

Our working approach is founded on our 4 core values:
Uniqueness: thanks to the continual evolution, capabilities and uniqueness of its process, Punto Curvatura is able to handle orders of all kinds.
Flexibility: reflected in the ability to listen to needs and to customise the service. We are able to respond every demand of our dynamic market.
Quality: a high level of organisation and skill enable us to achieve a product of exceptional quality and precision, in the required times.
Partnership: understanding of every need and type of application, derived from listening to our customers, makes us the perfect partner for the success of every type of project.

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