The reasons for choosing Punto Curvatura reach beyond the competitive advantages of the processes performed, embracing a vast range of additional services that provide invaluable support to the growth of our industrial partners.


Punto Curvatura can manage the direct relationship between extruder and customer, for a better end result. A meticulous design team is at customers’ service for consulting on die development.


In association with the top aluminium anodization specialists, Punto Curvatura is able to assist customers in choosing the most suitable treatment for their intended requirements.


Punto Curvatura is able to bend a number of types profiles in the coated state. In cases where this is not possible, we are also able to assist customers in this specific post-bending phase.

Heat treatment

For particular bending or twisting processes on some profiles, we have to require extruded profiles with T4 temper from the customer. We will then perform a heat treatment to restore the T6 temper necessary for the customer’s end use.


We are able to perform machining processes such as cutting, drilling and slot milling on all the materials we process.

Packaging and shipment

Our partners include Italy’s top logistics companies. We are able to ship in extremely short times, both in Italy and abroad, with the highest degree of care and protection for the product.

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