Steel Bending

Steel bending services for large profiles with guaranteed quality

Thanks to the bending technology patented by us, we are able to obtain steel bendings on every types of profiles guaranteeing the highest degree of reliability.

Bending of ferrous materials

In addition to its core business of bending aluminium profiles, Punto Curvatura is also active in the ferrous materials sector. The technology and background transferred to materials of this type enables it to bend hollow and open sections in steel, copper, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

Custom deformations

The most common applications, which require minimal deformations not achievable with traditional bending, range from amusement park structures to panoramic wheels, by way of the load-bearing frames of automation systems, or gallery and tunnel substructures.

Certified supplier

Over the years, approval by the institutional certifying bodies has enabled Punto Curvatura to achieve accreditation as a certified supplier of the Italian Ministry of Public Works. The specific construction demands of these applications have enabled us to achieve theoretically impossible bending performances.

Bending of tubular profiles

Examples of the results obtained include the bending of tubular profiles of 300x200x5/7 mm with radius 3500 mm with cross-section deformations of the order of the millimetre. Or pipelines for the food industry, with the bending of round stainless steel tubes with diameter 168 mm and thickness 2 mm to radius 700 mm with deformations of 0.5% of the nominal diameter. Its constant work and research on the development of new bending systems make Punto Curvatura the ideal partner in the ferrous materials sector.

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