Aluminium Bending

The Italy's leading company in aluminium bending

Thanks to the bending technology patented by us, we are able to obtain aluminium bendings on every types of profiles guaranteeing the highest degree of reliability.

Curtain walls

Punto Curvatura’s core business is the production of curtain wall systems and curved sunscreen profiles. Fluid, aerodynamic forms, the distinctive feature of new architectural scenarios, have imposed new technological challenges, which we have accepted and developed. From the small standard system to large customised profiles, Punto Curvatura can bend sizes up to 450x120mm with thermal break with variable radii up to 500mm for the smallest profiles.

Automatic handling systems

The bending of components for automatic handling systems, meaning systems for pack sorting and distribution, and for the handling and storage of materials, has been a Punto Curvatura strong point since its foundation. Punto Curvatura is one of the leading suppliers of the curved profiles that make up the supporting structure of these systems. The aluminium alloys used range from EN 6063 to EN 6005, temper T5. The profile sizes normally used start from 100×100 mm and may be up to 420×200 mm with minimum radius of curvature of 1000 mm.
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Sunscreen systems

Design, innovation and respect for the environment are the key features of an outstanding sunscreen system. Punto Curvatura’s distinctive feature in this area is its production of curved sunscreen systems, with both single and multiple slats. The specific equipment built for the production of the parts guarantees perfect slat-on-slat bonding and enables installation at great heights. The latest frontier in the evolution of sunscreen systems is twisting.

Curved balustrades and handrails

Our success in creating curved banister systems which provide higher and higher performances in terms of functionality, looks and design has made us the exclusive partner of the top Italian and European producers. Over the years, we have built up impressive know-how focused entirely on this type of balustrade. Starting from simple residential balustrade systems and working up to complex modular systems for the building industry.
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Tensile structures

Thanks to our partnership with the leading international producers of modular covering systems, we are able to meet the most complex requests for bending for the construction of tensile structures or tent structures used to cover circuses, military hangars, museums, exhibition stands, gazebos and stages. Punto Curvatura is able to guarantee structures against cross-section deformations and crushing around the cable guides, meeting all current Euro-code (EC) requirements.

Passenger transport

Partner of the leading constructors of railway and metropolitan railway transport systems, Punto Curvatura meets all requirements in terms of multiple radii and the absence of cross-section deformation. The extremely high precision offered (in view of the application and the technology developed specifically for this sector) enables us to guarantee a product at the technological state of the art, able to pass any destructive or other test, fundamental in this sector.

Store Fitting/Contract Lighting/Refrigeration

Versatility, striking designs and custom lighting systems: these are the challenges put to Punto Curvatura by the top producers of refrigeration systems and contract store fitting. The skilful use of aluminium profiles, adopted as frames by top retail chains and shopping centres, has brought Punto Curvatura international recognition in the sector.

Renewable energy

Punto Curvatura is a key player in the new renewable energy sectors, thanks to the bending of aluminium load-bearing substructures. With its production flexibility, Punto Curvatura is able to construct the largest photovoltaic systems on curved roofs, fitting them to every shape and size.

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