Automatic handling systems

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Automatic materials’s storage as packages’s organization and distribution are directly related to the bending of components for automatic handling systems.

Bending of components for AMHS

The bending of components for automatic handling systems, meaning systems for pack sorting and distribution, and for the handling and storage of materials, has been Punto Curvatura’s core business since its foundation.

The evolution of global scenarios has generated a rapid expansion in our sector; an example is the increase in air traffic and the consequent need to expand baggage sorting systems.

Automatic handling systems: process innovation

Moreover, during the last few years the e commerce market has experienced double figure growth.

This market needs modular systems in curved aluminium with particularly small tolerances, of the orders of tenths of a millimetre, to enable high conveyor speeds and improve delivery performances.

Choose Punto Curvature for your curved profiles

Punto Curvatura is one of the leading suppliers of the curved profiles that make up the supporting structure of these systems.

The aluminium alloys used range from EN 6063 to EN 6005, temper T5. The profile sizes normally used start from 100×100 and may be up to 420×200 mm with minimum radius of curvature of 1000 mm.

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