Punto Curvatura was founded at the end of the nineties as technological support for a leader company among the biggest manufacturers of curving and bending machines. The innovation in the curving industry, together with a continuous technological research has generated new opportunities in the field.

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From small craft business, Punto Curvatura moved in the new headquarters, thanks to the help and loyalty of national and international clients. Technological investments related to our new site have launched Punto Curvatura into the world of contract.

Year 2000: Creation of the independent organization Punto Curvatura.
New control tools of the production process have taken to the industrialization of our patented method.

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Punto Curvatura initial work has become much more important thanks to the introduction of a patent used for the bending and curving of aluminum profiles. Thus, Punto Curvatura has begun to curve for structural glazing systems, ventilated facades, curtain wall systems, and metallic sub-systems used for constructions. With the introduction of these technologies and the consequential word of mouth between extruders and customers, the reputation of Punto Curvatura has begun to take hold in applications that differ from the building industry. Nowadays Punto Curvatura works in many sectors, such as curtain walls, automotive, handling & sorting, tensile structure marquees, etc. Starting as a small center of research and development, our company has now an international customer portfolio.