In the construction of a mine or a tunnel, it is important to use arcs in ferrous material to make the substructure safer. The weight is distributed evenly on each iron arc in a way to absorb any loads and external actions to which the construction is constantly subjected. Punto Curvatura is the sole company accredited by the Italian Ministry of Public Works for the assembly of resistant structures (or substructures) using bent tubes for tunnels.


For the iron tubulars used in the construction of technological plants, where there is a vast use of tanks containing liquids, gases or vapours, Punto Curvatura can be considered as a specialist partner for the bending of the pipes used for the functioning of the technological system. There are numerous solutions to adopt for the calendering of the parts used in heat exchangers, tubes in geotechnical engineering, cogeneration systems, curved steel pipes for industrial plants, piping curves for civil systems.


With the calendering of the steel structures, it is possible to create the steel structure of Ferris wheels. The variation of the radius indicates the dimension of the Ferris wheel: the tighter the radii the smaller the wheel. In addition, it is possible to bend round tubes to create the structure of roller coasters or child train tracks, as well as amusement parks in general.